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Advertising Requirements

The DH Country Music Network places its primary focus on the quality of content delivered to our readers, and this carries through to the quality of the advertisements served to them. In order to ensure that our readers have a positive experience with our site, we ask that all advertisements meet the following basic guidelines.

  • All advertisements must be appropriate for all age-ranges. This means no cuss words, adult images, or violent graphics.
  • Advertisements cannot have audio that starts automatically.
  • Ads that appear to be spam-like in nature, or lead to sites that do not provide a value for our readers will automatically be denied.

The DH Network does offer the opportunity to work with one of our designers to create an effective advertising campaign that can be used on our sites as well as others for a nominal fee. Please contact sales@countrymusicnewsblog.com if you are interested in a custom advertising campaign or have any questions about whether your ad would be considered appropriate for our network. Please understand that we reserve the right to decline an advertising offer on a case-by-case basis, and will always be happy to explain why.